Understanding more about screen printing and dye sublimation printing

Are you really planning to do t-shirt printing (tkreklu apdruka) Some bulk tkrekluapdruka, then there are quite a few fabric printing methods that you can choose from. Dye sublimation and screen printing are just one of the countless that most people are embracing to make their material printing.

• Screen printing: This is a method that’s used at the professional world when printing fabric. It is a method which utilizes a stencil along with also a mesh made from nylon in generating the graphics such as the design. The watertight material is subsequently used to obstruct out any spaces at which you would like your layout to look out. The blocked spaces are then covered with ink. Due to the method, this usually means that you may only utilize one color at one moment. The replicas made are all excellent.

o Experts
§ It Is cost-effective when performing large runs
§ It Produces amazing graphics
§ It Is good for sound cubes and sharp edges of colors
§ It Is long-lasting
o Disadvantages
§ A Lot of clogs
§ One-color Per display
§ Maybe Not Good for photos
§ It Is labor intensive

• Dye sublimation: it’s a process with a variety of measures but that produces some of the most useful consequences in printing. The layouts have been set on thermal transfer newspapers; the dye sublimation newspaper that’s then utilised to generate images within the cloth. Heat and pressure are traditionally used to bond the ink permanently with the fiber onto the cloth. The cloth is abandoned when it’s soft because it had been until the print.

o Pros
§ Acceptable For whatever amount of runs
§ Great Image production
§ Eco Friendly
o Negatives
§ Very High priced
§ Pro Paint and gear
§ Only On poly cloths

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