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Addressing Hearing loss stigma

It is sad to point out that despite the advancement in technology and medicine, there is still a lot of stigma associated with loss of hearing. This is still the case despite the number of people that suffer from loss of hearing. This condition affects all age groups. People who are hard of hearing or have hearing issues have been called names or been termed as slow or stupid, which is not the case. The increase in noise pollution has made this condition to be so prevalent in society today, and we need to address the stigma.

The stigmatization of this condition has made it hard for people suffering from hearing loss to treat the problem. Lack of treating or addressing the condition deteriorates it with time. It could also lead to other issues in the future, such as dementia. Hearing loss also affects your balance, which could lead to frequent falls when the problem is left untreated. There are affordable hearing aid that one can invest in when faced with this problem.
A full examination can also point out to other treatment procedures or medicine that one can take. You may find that some problems were being caused by issues such as foreign objects in the ear or tumors and growths that can be removed surgically. This can restore your hearing to normal. If not, using an invisible hearing aid can help improve your hearing.
Hearing loss is a severe medical condition that is compounded by the stigma in society. You can contribute to ending the stigma by getting a hearing test done frequently, treating hearing loss, wearing your hearing aids if you already have them, speaking up about your hearing loss problem as well as valuing your hearing and that of others by turning the volume down.

May 23, 2020